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Originally Posted by daze11
Their relationship has very-publically fluctuated over time. I've heard BJ say with great awe how 'perfect' chris is (aka, "she never misses") as in the 87 houston final she commentated. I've also heard her at an awards ceremony where the most positive thing she could muster about chris was a hesitant, "she was... certainly calculated about everything she did" which i think came across with as many layers as it was intended. And while chris has been more generously supportive of BJK in her comments, she has suggested that --concerning chris' lack of involvement with current players that BJK is quite critical of-- that some people find lives that are fulfilling outside of tennis and find a different kind of winning, whereas some people seem to not be able to find a fulfilling life outside of the one they create for themselves in tennis...and it was directed in part at BJK. I think part of the suggestion may be that BJK's undying dedication to tennis, which so many admire without any question, may be a compensation for not being able to win 'away-from-the-court' ...but its a pretty heavy 'entanglement' at this point, i believe, between them. This tension was definitely going on, but I dont know where its at TODAY.
Remember how infuriated BJK was with Chris comment in the mid-70s:

"No ball is worth falling down over!"

There is nothing more beautiful than Evonne Goolagong in full flight moving across a tennis court.
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