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Originally Posted by daze11
C'mon! 2 Grand Slams, a 103-7 record, and 56-match winning streak that lasted 10 years? The race for #1 has often been very close, but the #1 is the #1, and Chris can't not have been with results like that.

To illustrate, Chris was #1 in 1981 but it was up to the last month of the year, 1982 Martina became #1, but it was decided in the last tournament of the year (Toyota championships final), and 1985 Martina became #1 in the last month but they said if Chris had won that day (at the 85 Aussie), she would be back to #1 on the computer. So close is close, and happens all the time, thank god for competition's sake. But as Billie jean has re-written a lot of tennis history, she must've hand-scrawled those rankings for 1974 in the locker room.

Well done with the VW quote, by the way, Alfa! That was very subtle...
Have you ever seen Chris and Billie Jean in the same commentary booth for a match? I haven't, and I'm not sure it's ever happened. I know they both have a very high mutual respect for each other, and I always love it when Chris is in the booth and a player hits a great volley off the shoetops (Chris even said this during a Navratilova match once)- "Wow, that was a Billie Jean King volley there!"

There is nothing more beautiful than Evonne Goolagong in full flight moving across a tennis court.
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