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Part of the reason I posted those particular S.I. quotes from Chris was because they seemed rather uncharacteristic of her in general, as she was usually fairly modest about her own capabilities and quite complimentary of her opponents normally, so I thought it was interesting. BTW, I do think it's possible that she had a letdown after the thrill of beating Martina in the '80 Wimbledon semis - celebrated a bit too much and was "in a fog" the next day - these things happen. At that point in history I simply think that she considered Martina a stronger opponent of the two, so perhaps, underestimated Evonne a bit - certainly it's possible. Concerning her comment on Virginia, however, I think it might have been a bit more tactful had she stated, I was the better player, not "a much better player" which sounds like she's gloating a bit! Otherwise, IMO Chrissie's statements seem pretty accurate.

Mark37 - you're right about the order of the Aussie Open in '76 - Chrissie would've had to play the AO early that year to've had a chance for the slam. During the 70s and 80s they kept switching the order of the tournament, no wonder Chris's recollection got that mixed up about that. As an aside, what's especially odd with that tournament is that the AO was actually played twice in '77; Kerry Reid won the January AO and Evonne won it in December!

On a related note, just something I wanted to ponder on: the actual WTA rankings are purported to have begun on November 3, 1975. When listing which players have held the No. 1 position for the most weeks, Steffi is in the lead for 378 wks, followed by Martina at 331 wks and Chris at 262 weeks. However, is somewhat misleading?? Weren't there additional weeks earlier in '75 (possibly '74?) where Chris was also (unofficially?) the No. 1 ranked player? What would Chris's approx total wks have been then?

One final note (and this could be yet a whole other thread). I don't quite get the rankings for 1974. Chris is officially listed as No. 3 in the world?!? Her win-loss record was 103-7, she won 16 singles titles including two majors and got to the finals and semis of the other two slams. She also reached the VS final (losing to Goolagong). The one possible blemish on her record in '74 that I can see might be that she was 1-2 vs King and 2-4 vs Goolagong that year (don't know who her one other loss was to). Further, didn't she also have a 56 match winning streak that same year? Doesn't sound like any No. 3 I've ever heard of! Any thoughts on this particular ranking situation?? Comparitively, was King's record in '74 that bloody good???

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