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well, that makes sense. i think i would be correct in saying goolagong learned to play the sport on a grass court and her instincts for grass are natural and superb. chris grew up on clay, and played a lot on the 2 red clay courts they had at holiday park, so real clay. i dont know how she faired as well as she did on grass, bounce, the ball never comes up to her power-zone, and the volleyer's ball dies so its much harder to reach to even attempt a passing shot. and chris' net play wasn't terrible, even though it wasnt natural, but i coudn't say --from her career-long instincts-- that she EVER LIKED being up there, no matter what she may have told herself to keep confident about trying to.

With that said, LITTLE KNOWN FACT: aside from the wimbledon head-to-heads, which martina dominated, Chrissie was EVEN on grass in her non-Wimbledon head-to-heads with Navratilova. Meanwhile, Martina beat chris only 3 times in 20 years on clay-surface court.

The lion's share of chris' losses to MN came indoors, which was actually chris' worst surface by far. If she had worn glasses indoors, i shudder to think what her record would be, but the lady famous for saying "No point is worth falling down for" would not have adorned specks under any circumstances. I doubt she wears them even when alone in the house.

Anyway, how did she do so well on grass? Sheer willpower.

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