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I said that 2 years ago, ys? And how I am jumping on the bandwagon? I think Myskina is now a top 5 caliber tennis player. She has proved me wrong. I used to think she was only a top 10 caliber player. And I think Maria Sharapova could be a top 5 player in a couple of years. That's hardly jumping on the bandwagon. And when I say Myskina will make the top 5 and Sharapova could make the top 5 I'm thinking they will move in and out of the top 5. I have seen nothing from either of them that says they will be solid memebers of the top 5. Of course if Maria can develope her serve into a weapon and add about 20 pounds of weight to her frame then it's a differsnt story.

I don't see why people are down on Safina. She needs a couple years to develope and get comfortable with her height, frame and hardhitting game.

Good point about Petrova, GL. Poor Nadia. If she could only stay healthy.

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