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Re: "Grass is still grass" 2013. Eastbourne + Wimbledon

Originally Posted by Cajka View Post
I was looking for this. She didn't wait for USO, but the rest is pretty much it. Jecmenica can't be counted as a serious help, so... She'll be coachless for months. Her decisions are so predictable. I don't wanna follow her career anymore, we all know how it will end and it will end ugly.

OP should update the thread title, the proper one would be: Ana is still Ana. The most predictable player ever.
Cajka do you really believe any player on this world would said: "I am not hiring anyone till ..." No. After this tweet I really don't believe anything about Sanchez thing and all that rumors that she will be without coach are just not making any sense. Maybe Ana did fire Nigel and will work with Ječmenica for some time, that is only thing that may be true, but nothing more than that.

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