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whoa! well, together i'm sure those 4 gents can match the size of roddick., you're right, he's a big bore...but also a BIG BOAR. love him, hate him, love him, hate him...

uh...what about GUGA circa 1997 etc?? Is that just not the hottest?? he just needs a stylist. i could make his life... a LOT better. There are a number of hotties on the men's circuit (*by the way, this is so much better than the homo-thread, because we're ACTUALLY discussing real homosexuality! hahahaha) all of a sudden. get agassi OUT of the game and its gonna be an ORGIE! i mean...whoa. we've had some real dogs on the boys circuit for a long time. IVAN LENDL? Remember that Frankenstein of a man? EEK. Skin crawl.

But is everyone aware that the ITF was PETITIONED at last year's wimbledon by 100 past champions to limit the racquiet size & materials??!! pat cash, martina, mac...a lot of people. This was chris' first year NOT physically going to wimbledon, so...she was not part of it, but they know. She refuses to even teach the power tennis thing at her academy! She has them paying as much attention to court-demeanour and attitude (bless her heart) than hitting 143 MPH serves.
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