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his head is only bad because there's so much dumb in his eyes, but i'd have to be dead to not admit those lips are...damn, i really dont want to give him ANY credit. ok, the whole mouth of his COMMANDS me to accept he's got 'somethin' goin' on' so...i wouldn't put that bag over the whole head, so to speak. i said, NO ONE believes in going back to wood (except borg and mcenroe...and ME) and chrissie, MARTINA (!), and court ALL agree the technology has made the game too easy and too one-dimensional, and believe racquets should be limited in some way by the ITF. The idea is for locals to play with whatever they want, but if you're a top 100 player on this planet, you sure better be able to handle wood, so to speak, and not need training wheels to make great shots and feel good about your play. Whether its wood or a limited graphite etc., whatever keeps the game 'honest' is good. I dont think Court was at all concerned with amateurs...but she has a good nose for 'greatness' and champions, and thinks they should rise to the test. I really agree with her.

We dont have a Mac/Borg-like rivalry...because we would need TWO Federer's to get one! But i went to the us open this year and i can promise you, being a new yorker, everyone who talked about the open on the streets, in the subways, in offices...they remarked about the 91 jimmy connors/krickstein match that was shown during a rain delay, and how exciting it was...that they'd "NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT!" It was the MOST DISCUSSED match of the tournament, and it was 15 years old. So? It was a very good match, but it was an old Connors and silly aaron Krickstein. There are much better match-ups than that, but what they saw was at least closer to the way tennis used to be played, and its a lot more exciting than the "wam-bam-thank-you-ma'am" style of today.

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