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Originally Posted by daze11
I can't believe you just said that! This isn't the homo-thread. But...right?! Roddick, who may be the most mentally-challenged man to ever reach the top 20, has quite an insider's rep for having a super-big game, everywhere, if you know what I mean. Mary Carillo & Mac were talking, saying, "Yep, its ALL big with roddick" - Mac laughs self-consciously like they've been talking about the locker-room chat, and says, "The biggest" and Mary grimaces, but tries to hide it also.

I dont think Court had great buns. But anyway, her quote is "spot-on" as they say in Australia. And its not just the one-speed/one-style issue (which is being forced into play by the sheer force the game has taken on), but I think--oddly, this was in the context of containing "racquet size" (kudos to mr. rod-dick!) and having the ITP limit size and weight of racquets so that the racquets dont do all the work for the players.

It's important for the aesthetics and mental challenges of tennis, but its important for the players health and body. The game used to be GOOD for everybody's body: fluid, yoga-like motions, extending both arms and controlled breathing. Now everyone has injuries, which hurts the players, obviously, but hurts the rivalries, hurts the mood of the sport. Even boxing doesn't have these kind of injuries. How will we have great champions if they only can play every other year?

Everyone hates wood, so i won't prattle, but its tupid. EVERY shot FEELS good when you hit with wood, because you dont WHIP forehands with your body or the ball goes out. You step back, opening your arms, lean in, and follow through...which sounds the same, but its not because there is a pacing differnece and you hit the ball very squarely. Even your approach shot changes with wood; you have to keep yourself lower and stay on top of the balls (ops!) for a longer (more enjoyable) focused period, even if the difference in reality is only a few extra seconds.

So Maggie doesn't have the buns but she had the brains. God giveth & taketh away. haha...
I agree with you whole-heartedly, only I'm not so much a stickler for returning to wood racquets- simply limiting the size and weight of the racquet, as you say, to standard proportions. I don't really care if it's made of carbon or whatever. So how did we go from Margaret Court's quote to all this fixation on wood? Okay, I'll admit it- put a bag over Andy's head, and I'm on it!

There is nothing more beautiful than Evonne Goolagong in full flight moving across a tennis court.
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