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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Recall reading that vultures supposedly have an acidic digestive system so strong that it can fight off potential infections from the roadkill they eat.In that same vein, if a piece of bread gets slightly moldy, I can still break it into pieces and throw it to the pigeons,right?? Or is it harmful for the birds,too?
It not just the acid, it's the digestif enzymes, bacterial soup, and immune system as a whole that dictate resistance, a quality we used to share but not so much anymore due to our evolved diets.

In direct answer to your question re mould. No. unless you are aware of the exact species of mould, then it is not safe to assume that it is harmless. While many moulds are indeed harmless, others produce powerful toxins upon death that no amount of digestive ability can counter (grain mould and rice mould being occasionally particularly nasty). Further, unless its relatively low gluten and wholegrain bread, it's not particularly beneficial to birds even when fresh. Gluten (such as found in strong white flour) drains your energy levels even if you don't have allergy issues with it.

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