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Re: "Grass is still grass" 2013. Eastbourne + Wimbledon

Originally Posted by Cajka View Post
There's no magical wand or magical coach. She's the one who needs to change and, as we know, it won't happen. She has changed so many coaches so far and nothing helped. It's not the coach, it's her. Nigel tried to make her game more stable in the beginning, but that was only in the beginning, he started telling her to wear the pants not long after that. FFS, he's not an idiot, he doesn't ask her to push like a moron, it's her decision. She is gutless and that's it. She feels safer when she's pushing. Her shot selection is laughable, she can't read her opponent's serve at all. She's rushing. That's not about coach, but about her. Whose fault is it that she doesn't have a fitness coach and physio? Whose fault is it that she has a schedule like a top 5 player? Why doesn't she try harder on MMs? Why doesn't she enter Budapest or Palermo? She barely played on grass, she can continue a clay season.

It's really crazy to assume that Nigel doesn't see some pretty obvious things, it can't be that we're all here smarter and better coaches than him. There's no way that he knows nothing about her game and tactics. It simply can't be done with her. She lost some weight again, as I could see. She won't hire a psychologist, she won't get any bigger and stronger, it doesn't look like she wants to work hard. So, what can any coach do there? To spank her? To teach her some responsibility and maturity? It's not in their job's description.

She will fire him, however. She's a lazy and spoiled brat, so she hopes that she can buy a coach who will magically fix her game and brain. Sorry, that's not gonna happen.
And you said everything that needed and i wanted to say for the past 5 years.

im still her fan but i lost my respect for her as a tennis fan. she really needs to get a reality check pronto. shes been a joke of a player for the last 4-5 years and people still treat her as if she has won multiple slams. and especially with her "delusional" answers in her press conference its as laughable as her current game style.
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