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My Pilot Pen qualy report-day 1

Hey guys, I ended up going until 4 today cuz I went with a friend who was bitching the whole time about how hot it was and how she was hungry and blah blah blah. I saw a bunch of matches though, here are the highlights.

Myriam Casanova d. Angela Haynes 6-2 6-1
Very one sided stuff. I was not impressed by Haynes, who was playing very tenatively and hitting a lot of balls off her back foot. She was getting no first serves but continued to try and serve 110+ and hope the tide would turn. When she did get a serve in, she was hitting lots of short and loopy midcourt shots which Casanova had a field day with. To her credit, Casanova was intensed and focused the whole match and ripped some beautiful down the line winners on the backhand side. After 2-2, this match was simply no contest. The whole thing Myriam can improve upon is her serve and her fitness (shes a lot like Danilidou in that she can sustain long three set matches, but she moves at the same sluggish pace for all three of those sets. However, with Angela's drop shots that could have been mistaken for lobs, Myriam was easily running shots down and pounding them for winners. She hit her 2nd ace of the match on her 2nd match point to end the match routinely in under an hour. Angelas father consoled her after the match and offered some encouraging words on the side of the court.

Arantxa Parra d. Samantha Reeves 6-4 6-4
A very frustrating match to watch. Flashes of brilliance mixed in with a fair amount of poor shot selection and shotmaking. Parra is a righty with two hands off both sides and plays an aggressive game while Reeves is more of a retriever. Both of their serves are just Reeves has a very awkward looking abbreviated service motion and it goes all over the place while Parra twists her body way too much when she serves and causes her to not get into a consistent toss and groove on it. They were each serving 1-2 double faults a game and getting about 40% of their first serves in. The match started off with 4 consecutive breaks before Parra held to go up 3-2 with an amazing passing shot on the dead run. Samantha got broken again with a double fault to go down 2-4 and let out a shriek accompanied with a thigh slap. Parra held at love with some sloppy backhands from Reeves. Down 2-5, Reeves finally got going and matched Parra shot for shot. She held for 3-5 playing some wonderful defensive tennis by hitting very high and deep lobs into the sun when she was on the full stretch. At 3-5 30-30, Parra had a routine volley but dumped it into the net and screamed out something in Spanish. A return of serve right on the baseline that was harder than the actual serve itself gave Reeves hope as they were back on serve. Reeves was also energized as she went to serve, but 2 double faults, a missed drop shot attempt from 8 feet behind the baseline and a shank forehand gave Parra the set. The match was very even in the second until 4-4, with both players starting to find their range and at least coming close to balancing out the winners and errors. With Parra serving at 4-4, Reeves missed three routine put away volleys and yelled out "DAMN COME ON!" She had an overhead down 0-40 but spun it into the middle of the court and Arantxa put up an absolutely beautiful topspin lob to hold. Completely dejected, Reeves tossed in two more doubles (she served at least 10 this match, Parra had about 7 or 8, each of them had one ace), Parra ripped a backhand down the line to reach triple match point and then smacked an overhead Reeves barely got her racket on to end this exciting yet uneven match.

Marion Bartoli d. Theresa Logar 6-1 6-1
First off, Marion is sooooo good! However, her father is a fucking tyrant and its clear she is absolutely petrified of him. Midway in the second set of Reeves and Parra, she comes by with her father carrying a jump rope. For thirty minutes, she jumped rope faster than anybody Ive ever seen with her father barking "Allez allez." She jumped rope until the second she had to get on court to warm up. Once the match started, ANY POINT she lost whether it be an error by her, a winner by Logar, a shot by Logar that Bartoli could barely get, she would look right up at her father! Once she did, her father would sigh or shake his head in disgust right at her
Anyway, Logar is the winners of the USTA Girls 18s tournament and will be headed to the main draw of the US Open next week. Shes only played one pro event, a 10K last month which she reached the qtrs of. This was by far her strongest opponent to date. Logar started off well enough holding at 15, but after that Bartoli was on FIRE! Winner after winner after winner. She would have rallies where she painted the lines 2 or 3 shots in a row. To her credit, Theresa had a very positive attitude, ran down every shot she could and fought right until the very end, which is all you can ask for and says a lot about her character. A lot of players here gave up after getting creamed in a set. But this was quite simply a far different level than Alexandra Podkolzina, a player Logar is far more accustomed to. Bartoli didnt face a game point the rest of the set as she swept through 6-1. Bartoli started off the second set with three errors prompting her father to pound the metal stands with his fist and yell "ALLEZ MARION!" She winced at him, almost looking apologetic. Theresa broke Marion to lead 1-0 in the second and pumped her first. Right after that, Marion started hitting winners with shocking ease once again. Theresa really wasnt doing anything wrong, she played OK in my book. She did get a little more upset in the second, talking to herself and bouncing her racket a bit. Bartoli went up 5-1 40-0 in the second and missed a routine overhead, prompting her father to groan loud enough to hear two courts over. However a swinging forehand volley wrapped up the match for Bartoli.

Logar looked very upset after the match but she quickly calmed down and signed autographs. Amber Liu was watching the match and Logar hugged Amber and had a quick chat with her. I asked for a picture with her and she obliged. I told her good try and she said "Yeah thanks. Thanks a lot for coming out to watch, I really appreciate it." I wished her good luck at the Open and she said "Oh thanks, I hope to see you there." She really was a sweetheart. As soon as Bartoli got off the court, her father stood there with a red medicine ball and they went onto a nearby court to throw it around for a bit

Bea Bielik d. Antonella Serra Zanetti 6-1 6-1
ONE WINNER FOR ANTONELLA! ONE! AND IT WAS A NETCORD! That just about says it all. Antonella sucks! She has absolutely zero power and does nothing more than hit weak balls right down the middle of the court. Her first serve couldnt be harder than 80 or 85 and her second serve was in the lows 60s. Quite honestly she looked like an ITF Junior barely outside the top 100, not a pro barely outside the top 100. Bielik had a field day with this match. She plays a lot like Steffi Graf in the way she runs around her forehand and her backhand isnt necessarily as good, but she can hit it with slice, flat or topspin and gives you a bunch of different looks at it in a rally. Her serve is sensational and when she got her first serve in, the point was basically over. Shes very feisty out there as well. For example she went up 4-1 in the second and muttered out "C'mon Bea, fucking finish her off." However, I don't like her attitude. Shes prone to Lindsay Davenport style sulking and lets you know exactly how she is feeling at all times. For example she hit a double fault in the second and yelled "GODDAMNIT BEA, THATS LIKE THE 11TH ONE!" She even tossed her racket after she missed a backhand..when she was up 6-1 5-1 Antonella looked helpless out there and even buried her face in her towel and started weeping a bit after going down 6-1 3-0. This was an ol fashioned ass kicking. Bea hit about 10 aces this match (although about as many doubles) and finished the match off in about 40 minutes in Steffi Graf style with a huge first serve and booming forehand.

Here are the shorter reports.

Tatiana Perebiynis d. Nathalie Vierin 60 62
Vierin was an alternate for Barbara Schettt and she looked like she didnt give a shit out there, going for winners within the first two shots and hussling off court immediately after she lost. Tatiana has a great first serve and a huge forehand. Shed be top 50 if she worked on her volleys and her shaky backhand.

Clarisa Fernandez d. Flavia Pennetta 6-4 6-1
Lots of entertaining rallies. This match was much more about finesse than power Clarisa showed why she got to the semis of RG last year with a well placed serve and a great lefty forehand. Penneta played brilliantly as well, but got frustrated towards the end and started screaming in Italian quite a bit

Denisa Chladkova d. Jill Craybas
I only saw the first set which Denisa won 6-4. Error fest here. Not much to report. Denisa looks like a butch Sinead O'Connor with that haircut...

I hope to go on Sunday so hopefully ill have a report then. Thanks for reading guys
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Thanks for the report!
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I'm so current, I'm tomorrow.
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Cool report!! Sounds like you had fun. I can't wait to see photos of some of these lesser-known players.

And, yes Denisa's haircut is very Sinead-ish.
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Excellent Report

Very good report. Thanks. It's interesting what one person notices and another doesn't. For example I sat right next to Bartoli and her father while they were waiting for a practice court in L.A. He was timing her while she jumped rope. At the time I thought it was admirable, not excessive. It didn't seem like they were overdoing it, because I used to jump much more strenuously myself. I also noticed them watching quite a bit of the Viktoriya Kutuzova's first round qualifying match. But I never actually saw Marion play. Next time I see her play I'll be watching her Dad more carefully. I didn't realize that her coach was her father.

I also saw Parra play in L.A. I was very impressed with her backhand. I remember thinking that it was the strongest groundstroke I saw on any of the players in the qualifying tournament. My feeling at the time was that Parra has more potential for improvement than Widjaja or Reeves, partly because of that tall, athletic, build she has.

Time will tell. Thanks for the report. Keep em coming.

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Thanks for the reports. They were great.

Marion doesn't even look like she's related to her father. He looks wispy next to her. I read somewhere that he is a physican by education, but he gave up his practice to coach and travel with her.

Marion's style of playing looks quite odd to me.

I'm glad you liked Clara. I think she is entertaining.
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Go to Hell, Marion's dad. GO BEA!
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I love those little details that you throw in there. Read it all, thanx.
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Nice report.

Marion's dad, work her harder until she's not one of Jordan's faves. Thanks.
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Thanks for the report !
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She is so sweet in person, and something tells me her qualifying days are just about over. As for her father

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I saw Marion practises just briefly before her match against Kim in San Diego, her dad was typical Jim Pierce, even scarier. i bet one day she will become like Jelena Dokic who will run away from her dad.

Maju terus Tenis Indonesia!
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Thanks for the report. Are we headed for a new generation of "bad dads"?
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Thanks for the great report
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You put in a very good report
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Thanks for the report.

Congrats Marion!!

All the best to Justine Henin-Hardenne!!

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