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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by Burisleif View Post
They showed a video of the Liu match finish but it was overdubbed with GSM Wosniacki.

Kindly apologise to the poster in the main Caro thread and cut the derogatory Ana references in that thread as agreed when this thread was created.

Bruce,You know the sentiment in this section, and even if it has been diluted by new arrivals and existing posters becoming prematurely Alf Garnettised, undermining that origional collective sentiment reduces our entitlement to have troublemakers removed.

Honestly, I was only casting aspersions on Sven Groeneveld and his level of professional reliability. Ana was merely incidental because she's a player who has had a previous connection with Sven and APDP.Other than calling Sven a jerk-off, nothing about my post was in the realm of opinion. It's a FACT that Groeneveld provided the hook-up for Ana with her sleazy playboy partners, and my condemnation was NOT the choices that Ana made--which were irrelevant to the topic--but the unprofessional, careless disregard that Groeneveld showed for his player's welfare...which is,potentially, VERY relevant to Caro's future.

However, you've made such a polite request that I can't find it within me to turn you down......I'll go back and delete the original post as you've asked....and then I'm going to bed

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