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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Okay,in case anyone was unaware,the WTA webpage has been doing an historical perspective on all the #1-ranked players in history.The sequencing is based on when each player first achieved the ranking.So far,it has been a fine list of HOF'ers and guaranteed future inductees.The next 4 in sequence will reflect nicely on the sport,too;it'll be Cjisters,Henin,Mauresmo and Sharapova.Vika will be the final addition since Serena first became #1 long ago,thus her career summary has already been posted.Though Victoria doesn't yet have the same resume' as the legends do,she was certainly a respectable #1.

However,in between Masha and Vika,things are gonna get a bit ugly,and the WTA webpage will have to swing into Full Power Bullshit Mode to not embarrass itself more than it usually does.Frankly,they might regret not cutting off the list of #1s at year 2005.Seriously,after you've summarized the amazing career achievements of BJK,Evert,Navrat,Graf,Seles,Hingis,Serena,Venus,He nin,Sharapova...and even slightly lesser greats like Davenport,Mauresmo and Clijsters.......HOW IN THE WORLD do you try to sell Ana,JJ and Dinara?

Keep in mind that I love sweet Dinara and still miss her charmingly-dorky presence.Honestly,though,comparing those three #1s to the all-time greats is sort of like: "Okay,here we have a display of the best cars from countries all over the world.From the UK,the impeccable Rolls Royce...from Italy,the incomparable Ferrari...from Germany,the nonpareil Porsche..........and,from the auto assembly lines in Sarajevo...the Yugo."

Granted,Caroline hasn't won a Slam yet,but her longevity at #1,combined with her Premier title and overall tournament count(not to mention that,in theory at least,she's capable and young enough to add a Slam crown) mean that she won't fall into that laughable OOPS! category like the other 3 currently do......Anyway,I found that enormous contrast between #1s quite humorous and I imagine that others will,too

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