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Re: A balanced response to the Serena faux pas

Originally Posted by Morning Morgan View Post
I see basically three camps of people here. The first camp are the diehard Serena fans, who see any controversy surrounding Serena as another attempt to sabotage her image. .
I think this is a misjudgement. A lot of diehard serena fans expressed disappointment, but those that did not expressed their opinions in some detail. Opinion widely speaking is actually split, though disapproval is louder. Some diehard Serena fans just agree with the essential message. I might be nitpicking but I haven't seen much blind fandom.

Originally Posted by Morning Morgan View Post
I won't deny that there may be a few good reasons to feel this way, especially with many past incidents and some pretty biased commentators, but this time I feel that the issue has gone beyond that. Serena expressed a view that feeds right into the hands of rape culture, and no matter how she is liked/disliked, I don't think anyone would deny that she is a strong woman, and her views of rape culture is detrimental to women's rights when she is regarded as their stalwart.
It's good to have public debate, but we need to have a separate talk about putting the views of celebrities on a pedastal. Her lone words shouldn't influence womens rights - that should only be considered if several prominent women spoke out as well.

Originally Posted by Morning Morgan View Post
This brings me to the second camp of people, the ones who like Serena hold views that have been quite heavily entrenched from the older generation, and touched upon in the balanced response by someone I posted up there. .
Speaking for myself, my I guess I'll be in this category but just want to say my views have little/nothing to do with an older generation, but more to do with my personal views of common sense and personal responsibility. We don't live in a Utopia. The annual figures for rapes are usually in their hundreds of thousand per year, in the US alone. In my view, all young women ought to be aware of the realistic dangers by now. Millions of women have been date raped at parties, I've even seen it in movies. It is unacceptable for anyone to drink themselves unconscious in an environment with strangers. This does not excuse rape at all, but it's about time foolishness stopped.

Originally Posted by Morning Morgan View Post
In fact, I think it is important to speak out against this very unenlightened notion of victim responsibility, because not doing so leads to the slippery slope of extremist modesty we see in some countries, and male tendencies are tolerated instead of being expected to be controlled.
I guess, but young men and women must be made aware of real and present dangers. This is not a Utopia. It's not just rape. Parents shouldn't be leaving very young children to play alone in the street considering the millions of abductions that occur. But they do, inspite of all the relentless new cases. It doesn't excuse crimes, but the carelessness that still goes on.
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