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Re: A balanced response to the Serena faux pas

Originally Posted by Melange View Post
You might be able to keep up pretences when you talk to people, but it might affect other actions you do which are not so visible. If you are ignorant and uneducated, that cant be helped until you get some education.
Let me give you a real case from my life. I served on a jury in Los Angeles several years ago. There was a gang member being charged with carrying a weapon (a tire iron) in his car. I have no love at all for gang members. I have a bias against them and think that they are blights on civilization especially during that time period.

However, even though I had no doubt that this guy had done a bunch of foul shit in his life, I was one of those who argued very forcefully that the fact that the D.A even brought that case was a load of crap. We wound up acquitting the guy and later the judge invited the jury into his chambers and told us that he thought the verdict was correct.

If I had heard that the guy we acquitted was later killed in a drive by I would have said, hey, you reap what you sow. You play that game that's what you get.

But this was a case where I did not let my personal strong dislike of and bias against gang members get in the way of my acting fairly.

Now perhaps you can't help but act on your emotions. If so, you need to grow up. Part of being a discerning adult is being able to separate feelings from actions.

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