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Re: A balanced response to the Serena faux pas

Originally Posted by shap_half View Post
My doubles partner is an avid Serena fan. And it really took a lot out of me to speak with him about this, because he was defending Serena's perspective. And my biggest issue with this entire thing is that when it comes to taking advantage of someone, it doesn't matter what the victim did, you never just go and rape someone. Should that girl have gotten so drunk that she was unconscious from it, of course not, but that has no bearing on who is responsible for what happened. You don't rape people. My problem with Serena's perspective is that she comes like she thinks, if you make bad decisions, you will sometimes have to deal with the consequences. If she had suffered through intense medical issues of because of this, yes, that would have been entirely her fault. The consequences of getting drunk off your ass should never be sexual assault.
Yes she isn't responsible, but post prosecution it is worth pointing out her foolishness to all young girls who may find themselves in this situation. Some guys out there have nasty deeds on their minds. Drinking yourself unconscious is not helping your safety. Serena's comments have some value and common sense. Sadly it's being totally ignored.
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