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Re: German Amateur Tennis League and LK-Tournament Thread - Season 2013 - Vol. 1

Played my first matches for the team in this season and it was puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure drama :

I somehow wasn't feeling really good this day, had some problem with my groin during the whole day and later on some back and knee issues had to join, but I will continue later with that.
First I had to play my singles match, I was seeded 4th, the lowest so I played the lowest seed of the other team, who had the same LK as me (23). I started the match with a hold and a break and lead *2-0 but got broken back immediatley. He wasn't playing any good, had no power at all and would play every second ball before the baseline or drop-shot it I had some problems with all the short balls and made tons of UEs as well as winners I fell behind to *2-4 0-30, but somehow got back on track, breacking for 4-4. But again my serve (had very little 1st serve % during the whole day) let me down and I got broken back because of some UEs again.
He hold and won the first set 6-4. In the 2nd. I hold my serve and broke again, after a tight game to lead 2-0 and get broken back right away like in the first as well
But from then on, I got my rhythem and never looked back till *5-1, when I had 3 SPs but made stupid UEs because I wanted to make a good first/second serve or a great winner to end the set. Got broken and at 5-2* I had at least 6 SPs but couldn't make the f***ing point, at one point I stopped counting SPs. I felt embarassed, because in meanwhile, all my team-mates won their matches with ease and I was the only one struggling out there and I really did. No 2 good points in a row. Only UEs or winner, no in between, well, I wasn't playing really good and my groin was all the time on my mind (not that it hurt much, but still...)
In the end I had to serve again at *5-3 for the set and got it together after being down 15-30.
The MTB started very well (my opponent didn't have a clue how the MTB works though ) and I lead with *5-1... we changed sides 2nd time at words, in the end I won the MTB 10-7, I don't even know how, I only know it was ugly, very ugly, but a win is a win.

In doubles I played with the 2nd worst player (next to me of course) so I wasn't expecting much, but I was sure, we might win this match and so we started pretty good, being up *2-1, and till the end of the set we hold this break after they came back from *4-2 to 4-4, but some nice overheads from me gave us the set with a score of 6-4.
Early in the 2nd set, my partner but especially me, were all over the court. He was serving GOAT and I made E V E R Y point on the net, either volley, smash or drop-shot, we lead *4-0 and thought it won't take long to celebrate the win and my first doubles victory but after some tight games it suddenly was *4-5!!! My partner totally choked or did whatever but he didn't play tennis anymore! He couldn't serve and make a single shot over the net. I was serving at *4-5 and had issues with the heat, my knee and back, as i played before for over 2 hours in the sun and had only a rest of 10 minutes or so...and now we played again at least 1 1/2h I really was fighting with myself and I did it loud and effectiv. I saved 2 SPs, both on 2nd serve and after tight BH - FH rallies. I didn't make a single UE from there on and we finally could close it out with our 1st SP with 7-5 and win the match 6-4 7-5.

In the end, we won 6-0, but to be honest, I should have won my singles 6-2 6-3 or so and the doubles should have been a 6-4 6-1 or so...but well, a win is a win, and I scored 2 and I'm really happy about that
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