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Originally Posted by TennisFan66 View Post
^ You're in luck, Bruce. I believe his dancing clowns are in Mexico City now. (at least that's what a British tabloid said).

(Yes, I know my name calling is pathetic and behaviour well below my age, but I ReAlLy hate Simon Cowell, everything he stands for and anyone and everyone affiliated with him - so I cannot help myself).
As you'll see from a glance at the map, our nation is a bit larger in physical size than Jolly Olde England is, and Ciudad Mexico is about 20 hours south of here by car...far enough away that the mindless din known as Numb Erection won't audibly carry all the way up here. My guess is that the concertgoers will break down something like: 98.8% horny adolescent girls(ages 12-15);1.2% everyone else.

If I can offer you a ray of joy as you use your imagination, try to picture Numb Erection(N.E.) trashing one of OUR hotel rooms.As you might guess, justice moves slowly here so their handlers might have to wait an hour while bonding the spoiled lads out from jail.....just long enough for them to have a 'meet and greet' with some of our convicts who haven't seen their gfs for a while.Most of the thugs aren't bilingual, so that would give N.E. a chance to work on their Spanish skills. Perhaps they could even "sing" while some cholos press them face first against the side of the jail cell.......just a little something to ponder

When the Lizards play their Trump card, humanity suffers

Monica Puig, guapa campeona de tenistas latinas

WTA suffering from Dementieva withdrawal, a lack of true queens

Congrats on Number Three, Kim! We need more of you in this world

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