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Originally Posted by TennisFan66 View Post
Simon Cowell egged at Britain Got Talent

Is there a phone-in vote, so I can vote for the woman who threw eggs at Cowell as the winner?

She egged him as a protest against his influence in the music (she should have used something heavier than just eggs, if you ask me).

(This being the music thread and the clip is about Simon Cowell and from one of his 'talent' shows, am I now in violation of thread topic?)
Well,hopefully MY endorsement won't discourage you, but I think the post above was superb.A friend told me that her daughter wanted to learn English so that the youngster could follow what was spewed by Cowell's creation,Numb Erection...and my response was that mi amiga should tell her daughter that English was extremely difficult to learn and caused painful mouth and throat maladies for foreigners due to the oral contortions necessary for pronunciation.I also suggested that lots of people lead happy,healthy lives w/o learning English

To continue with your theme that egging was TOO delicate and humane,I've often said that,if you're going to apply the death penalty(the moral issue is a separate question entirely),then the gringo method of lethal injection is totally asinine.La pena muerte should be a brutal one can see in the Old Testament and as the Romans did,to great effect, with techniques such as public crucifixion.Would leaden ball bearings satisfy your requirements for Cowell projectiles?

Hang your heads in shame, Brits, for being a nation of cowards who won't even protect their own children. UKP=United Kingdom of Pedophiles

Propaganda Director for the Olympic Slam Queen aboard SS Dementieva

Ste. Kim, we didn't have you for long enough, but we appreciate what you gave us
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