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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Am posting this here so as not to clutter Caro's main threads too much:

The WTA webpage managers are striving awfully hard to attain a Gold Medal in the Assclown Olympics,and I'd rate them as strong candidates for that.There comes a time when simplistic bullshit can become tiresome and insulting.Imagine if you walked into a local McDonald's and the attendant gave you a goofy,forced smile and told you that he put FREE KETCHUP PACKETS in the bag with your order b/c you were such a valued customer(packets that are easily attainable from the condiments dispensers).The first couple times,you might just blow it off;however,after repeated occasions--perhaps while you were having a bad day--you'd feel insulted and tell the attendant to go lick some rectum back in the manager's office if he had such an appetite for that.

Today,the WTA webpage chose to highlight Caroline's loss to Zheng: STRIKE ONE!The fact that Caro has lost her opening match for the last(have lost count)tourneys would indicate to most non-comatose sports fans that this loss was NOT headline material.Naturally,the douchebags spewed out their normal crap which insinuated how awesomely Zheng had to play to defeat THE NUMBER TEN RANKED PLAYER IN THE WORLD ()STRIKE TWO!Then,in the tourney blog segment hosted by Lepchenko,they chose to post a question about what Varvara had for her b-day dinner even though she mentioned that,in detail,in YESTERDAY's blog.....REALLY nice editing,you butt-cheese swallowers.STRIKE THREE!!!

I suppose it's nice that Stacy 'Enabler' Allaster shows her gratitude to the inbred out-patients,from a nearby mental health clinic,who collect her recycling bags by giving them jobs running the WTA website.Still,a few of us would appreciate a site that appeared more professionally-run than what the 3 Stooges on PCP might provide.You want respect for the WTA,Enabler Stacy?Well,to get the deeper level of respect,you have to EARN it...and,right now,I'm not seeing a whole lot from your piss-ant website that engenders any respect from me.Perhaps you should quit your job and assume one that's more your Commissioner of the Gary,Indiana Municipal Tiddlywinks League.I'd rather see an intelligent,respected ex-player serve as WTA boss

When the Lizards play their Trump card, humanity suffers

Monica Puig, guapa campeona de tenistas latinas

WTA suffering from Dementieva withdrawal, a lack of true queens

Congrats on Number Three, Kim! We need more of you in this world
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