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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by Chrissie-fan View Post
Well, why are you constantly bashing Ivanovic for wasting away her talent if you think she's wasn't that big of a deal to begin with? You say that the WTA should stop using her in promos because she's a bad example of a talented player not fullfilling her potential. But if her success in 2008 was just a fluke there's no reason for the WTA to do any such thing because as she is now is how good she can be. If anything they should praise her for overachieving in 2008.
That's actually a thoughtful response that you came up with,so I'll explain.

As she is now--and has been from the beginning,pretty much--THIS is her level.However,if she ever HAD applied herself...with a sincere commitment to fitness and the mental game...she COULD have been a Top 5 regular,at least...possibly even a consistent Slam contender.The brief Slam success was a reflection of the God-given talent that she did very little to augment,thus there was almost no chance of it being replicated.

Underachievers bear the great majority of the blame for their wasted talent,but at least PART of the blame falls on Stacy Allaster and the No-accountability Subculture that she and others at the WTA have fostered.Do you have a really pretty face?Do you dislike physical training and self-discipline? NO PROBLEM!!!We'll play right along with our P.R. Dept. in pretending that all of your concocted B.S. injuries are legit...and we'll help you exaggerate paper cuts on your hand as if they were life-threatening.As long as you smile sweetly for the camera,we don't care what kind of crap you produce on court whenever you don't feel like playing.All those ticket-paying customers that you cheated out of their money with your pathetic tank jobs and phony excuses for WD'ing from tournaments???We'll pacify them with a line of bull that sounds just halfway plausible.As long as you keep looking attractive in photo shoots to let us retain our core base,we couldn't care less about alienating hard-working,blue-collar folk...OR about the quality of play on court.

I'm not sure to what extent that No-Accountability subculture affects Caroline,but why the f--k should she try hard if the WTA will keep promoting her as some sort of legend no matter HOW many 1st-round losses she accumulates??

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