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Re: SELES POWER !!!!!!! INVENCIBLE - vol 3

hello gala

i am sorry that your stomach is wrong, are you better now?

yes, you are right, my boss is the real boss. She almost does not work and shifts all her works to other assistances while the poor man works his ass off

thanks for your kind words but the medicines are the same (adjusting your hormone medicines) as the old doctor gave me. Just that the old doctor told me to eat 5 days while this doctor said i have to eat 21 days, he said he will give me other hormone mediicnes to supplement after i finished all these.

I don't have high hope that these medicines are gonna help me, i guess my body does not react well to these hormone medicines because after eating for 10 days, i got pain like my M is coming, I panicked and e mailed to the doctor (he is on holiday). He replied me that it is common to have such kind of pain, but i don't believe completely, how could these hormone medicines get you belly pain? What do you thiink? I think he won't be able to cure me, may be all I can do is to have my whole uterus removed ....... to get rid of all these bleedings and pain ..........

my brother is cold-blooded, I know when you got married, your wife may be is more important than your mother, but you should not treat your mum so bad especially she is so old that she won't be with him for many more years, why still to treat her so bad?? I wish him and this sister in law to be sent to hell .

its nice that you sent your mother so many presents

angelina is an unique person

see you

Rafa! Rafa! Rafa!

Ennis and Jack found something most people don't ever find in this life...true love, the deepest, purest, most beautiful thing in the universes. Ennis and Jack have TRUE LOVE. They are SOULMATES. They have a love so deep, so pure, so strong, that it transcends everything, it's eternal.

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