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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by goldenlox View Post
Ivanovic was never as consistent as Wozniacki. Very few players win 12 titles in less than 2 years.
Caroline was ultra-consistent. Very mentally focused.
It just not there anymore. She was in 15 semis out of 19 tournaments.
So to play 5 tournaments and only win 2 matches is a 180 degree shift
And the stats support you there;as a former fan,I can tell you that AI has NEVER--not even ONCE--made 3 straight SFs or better.In fact,she's only twice made 3 straight QUARTERfinals;the first run was quite impressive(though a clear fluke),in 2007,with a Berlin title,RG final,Ordina QFs,Wimby SFs and L.A. title.The 2nd time was when Guenthardt pulled her career out of the toilet(and she rewarded him with a firing--you're all class,Ana).A Beijing QF loss to Caro led to 3 decent MM results: A Linz title,Lux. QF,and MM YEC title in Bali.

Caroline's accomplishments speak for themselves,and you've already cited one of them above and some of the many others in your prior posts.'TennisFan' correctly states that Caroline had the final say in the so-called strategy that was implemented at the start of 2012.However,did she become so hard-headed that she just closed her ears to her father and her Adidas team? That doesn't sound consistent with the Caroline that we've seen over these years...which raises the question,'What in the hell were Piotr and Adidas telling her during all of that?'.I must respectfully disagree with Burisleif on the effectiveness of APDP.If this is the best that they can improve Caro's serve after all those years of 'expert coaching',then they're as useless as teats on a bull.I'd still love to see part-time Adidas coach,Steffi Graf,have a constructive sit-down with Caroline(hopefully,Steffi wouldn't turn too timid to speak frankly).Piotr should at least seek out a respected coach whom he can work with,thus allowing him to remain a part of the team for Caro's sake while giving her a chance to receive some better counsel

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