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Re: SELES POWER !!!!!!! INVENCIBLE - vol 3

Originally Posted by Miranda View Post
hello Oizo

yes its wise to do this tomography as soon as possible

oh god, i completley understand your fraustration, i think you should scold this doctor coz you suffered from injection for 3 years but still do not heal, you should see antoehr doctor

yes, the tree harm will go away soon

yes, i have heard of Angelina's removing her breast. She has her rights to do so coz its her own body but I think this is a bit extreme. She can keep on checking and only remove it when she got cancer and not now with no cancel cells. What is more, even if she won't have breast cancer, there is no guarantee that she won't be dying at any time since there are still accidents like plane crash/car crash etc. She still has to die eventually and cannot stay with her kids forever, even her kids have to die some day too

see you
Hi Miranda

Hopefully I can find a way to get rid of this lipoma as soon as possible

She has the right to do so, but she overreacted a bit in my opinion. Although everyone sane in this life knows what's right and wrong for him/her.

Your Rafa beat again Roger in Rome Congrats to him

I wish we had a better weather for the Pentecost holidays but it sucks Wanted to drive to Switzerland

Wish you a great week Take care
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