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Originally Posted by HowardH View Post
I like your new Avi. At first I saw it and thought, who is that? Then I thought, hmm, anime, and the quote you picked, and I guessed, ah, must be Ahmed.
That guy in my avy and that quote is from the last anime i've watched (Gundam 00). The guy in my avy is Setsuna's best rival, Graham Aker. I love him. I really liked his rivalry with Setsuna. I picked that quote from the saddest moment in Gumdam 00. These were Lockon Stratos's words. He was such an amazing character (the most loved character by Gundam 00 fans). Considering all aspects of a Gundam pilot, he was the best Gundam meister in season 1 of the anime (even better than Setsuna who is the main character of Gundam 00). Lockon wanted to avange his family. Ali Al-Saachez (that guy he wanted to kill in this video) killed his parents and his little sister in a terrorism attack. Ali Al-Saachez is a sadistic sociopath. Ali merely fights to appease his insatiable appetite for conflict and destruction, adapting various aliases to work for any party that feeds his desire for more conflict. The sad thing is that he survived from Lockon's last attack. Lockon was Setsuna's closest friend as you can see from Setsuna's reaction in this video. He was like a big brother for Setsuna. This death is sad but it was a beautiful death at the same time.

Lockon: "Are you people satisfied with this world? I'm not". I'm not too.

I love the fact that they made the main character of this awesome anime from my country (Iraq). They didn't mention Iraq in the anime but it was pretty obvious from where Setsuna came from. His real name is Soran Ibrahim. He is Kurdish. It was great to see someone from a country full of war and sectarian conflicts ending all the conflicts and saving the humanity in the end.

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