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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by goldenlox View Post
When she said she's motivated then played well in Dubai & IW, I thought she was on her way back.
Whatever is wrong, its serious, because after IW, she's on one of her worst runs ever. Now I dont know what expect, but I dont expect to suddenly see the old Caro of 2,3 years ago. That Caro would never be in this situation
I have given some thoughts about what she said of her loss of motivation and I put it in the context of her career. Some things can be explained rather well when you think about it.

2008: The player makes her way among the 10 or 15 best players.

2009: Soon after, she becomes an elite player, one of the 10 most successful players on Tour. She's developing new skills, finding new ways to win, beating more and more players. Her career is going marvelously well, she's thwarting her detractors and her motivation must be at its peak.

2010: After a slow start, she's winning more and more matches and eventually, start winning title after title. At this point in her career, she becomes almost unbeatable by anyone outside the top 20, she seize the first rank in the world and, most probably, she's exceeding all of her own expectations or, at the very least, she's fulfilling her wildest dreams.

2011: Presumably euphoric at the beginning of the year, she will eventually face a barrage of particularly virulent criticism from the media as the year progresses. Media that impose her to win a grand slam "in order to prove her value and justify her ranking".

Accustomed to the love of her friends and close relatives, to the kindness of the general public towards her, she's probably badly hit by the hatred shown by the media. Which might explain a certain loss of motivation, self-confidence, or even a distaste for public exposure. At the same moment, she has accomplished everything that looked possible in her career. Having proven that she can win the P5 and Mandatory events, having reached the number one ranking, the only thing she could really add to her career in that elusive Grand Slam. And well, its just not coming. In other words, she had reached a plateau. That would explain her statements to the effect that she had done everything she ever dreamed in her career and was, therefore, feeling a loss of motivation.

From there, she will clumsily try to acquire new weapons in order to win a Grand Slam, to prove herself that she can and to silence the media. Unfortunately, these changes not only did not bring the desired effects, but they also harmed the very basis of her game. And each loss undermine a little more her confidence and motivation. Obviously, her relationship with Rory is also distracting her.
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