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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Agree with most of this,except it doesn't bother me if haters lurk here silently;in fact,I never even bother to check on that.People who hate Caro are so pathetic that their approval or disapproval have no value whatsoever.

I'll admit that I silently lurk in Ana's forum sometimes(though I was never banned from there,as I could easily prove to you),but it's only to read posts from my beautiful Brasilian friend,Isabela('Gaviotabr'),who has such an eloquent way of expressing herself(I promised her that I wouldn't share her photo with anyone,so too bad for you!).

Deep down,though,I'm occasionally hoping to read something about the end of Ana's career.If she ever,miraculously,developed an ounce of character or integrity,then I'd applaud her turnaround.....She really IS a lowlife,though;there's a reason why she's drawn to such shallow,sleazy playboys: Cuz she's JUST LIKE THEY ARE.The final straw for me was when the classy Heinz Guenthardt pulled her career out of the toilet in 2010 and saved her millions of euros by keeping her from breaching her Adidas contract with her previous shit-low ranking,and then she showed her gratitude by FIRING him,with a b.s. phony pretext,at season's end.She CLAIMED that it was b/c he couldn't travel with her full-time,but then she didn't even LOOK for a coach for the first 6 months of 2011.It turns out that she was already making overtures at getting back with her scummy ex,Adam Scott,at that point,and Heinz wouldn't have stood for that clown college scene with the bf serving as hitting partner or hanging out for practice sessions.

She's a disgrace to the WTA Tour;a girl who's been pampered her whole life and given loads of God-given talents that she's pissed away.Aside from being a near pathological liar,she's EXTREMELY shallow and,to me,even her token charity work is nothing more than p.r. photo-ops.My best hope is that she'll snort coke with her current bf and then test positive and receive a one-year suspension like Hingis did(before retiring,as a result).That would give Adidas just cause to breach her contract,and then she'd be unable to regain her form after being out for a year.She'd end up her career being exposed as the joke and fraud that she truly is,and she'd be remembered as a fluke and NOT a champion of any sort...a watchword and warning to young female players.Sadly,the WTA enablers would probably squelch the positive drug test,to cover their shame,if it happened.

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