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Re: Tennis Pentathlon #40 -- Brussels -- Commit in!


Discipline I. – TC
2 point for each correct picks, additional 1 for correct SR

Discipline II. – WAR (Worth A Risky Pick?)
You get points according to how many picked the loser in that match

Discipline III. - Sequence
If first row of your pick is a winner (but the second is not) you got 11*11 point.
If the first two rows of your pick are winners (but the third is not) you got 12*12 points.
If the first three rows of your pick are winners (but the fourth is not) you got 13*13 points. Etc…

Discipline IV. – PRO
First row of your pick has a 16 multiplier, second row has 15, third 14 etc. If your pick on the row is a winner with correct set rate your score is doubled.

Discipline V. – FO
60 points for each correct R1 matches
120 points for each correct R2 matches
200 points for each correct QF matches
320 points for each correct SF matches
470 points for correct F

Scoring example here (Tennis Pentathlon #4 - Congrats Teem India, Dynamo Morpork and valac222)

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