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Originally Posted by ozza View Post
There is one thing I took from angliru's stats on matches played, and that is it demonstrates a previous point that Caro really is quite an old 22 year old. She's not going to be as fresh as some others, she has more miles on her legs (especially at the top level), mentally she's been through a lot more, it all takes its toll.

I also think any time out without actually playing tennis (so taking the rest of the year off) would more likely be the beginning of the end as oppose to a route back to the top. It's not like the areas of her game that need work are going to get better while she's off tour not playing tennis, they would likely get worse. I can see the idea of taking time off until the USO hard court season to work on her game, but the idea of taking the rest of the season off, I can't see being a solution.

It could really be as simple as she's losing more. No-one likes losing, it's not like she's going to get much joy out of turning up to these tournaments losing R1 and moving on to next week. She is also probably under more pressure than we realise as well.
Caro is responsible for her heavy scheduling. Although the tour does require players to play certain tournaments, they certainly don't require players to play 22 or more tournaments in a year or anywhere close to that amount.

At a certain point Caro (maybe after the 2010 season) probably should have cut her schedule down to 18 to 20 tournaments in a year.

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