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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by angliru View Post
Noone really knows what's best for her. It's all guesswork. Her grass-season 2010 wasn't very good. Lost first round at Eastbourne, was schooled by #62 at Wimbledon winning only 2 games. Practiced for a month and came back for the best time of her career winning Copenhagen, Montreal, New Haven, Tokyo, Beijing (plus a USO SF and a YEC final). And carried her form into 2011.

A month with no tournaments turned out to be very good for her on that occasion, but maybe something else is needed this time. There's no secret formula. Any changes - subtle or big - can turn out to be good for her. Or the opposite! We don't know. Perhaps the best is to continue on her current path. But that's going to take some time and a lot of patience.

I don't think it would have been worse for her career-wise if she hadn't played the last four tournaments. But that's pure speculation. She seems tired. Fed up. Doesn't enjoy it. Was once nicknamed Sunshine; now the sun is giving her troubles.
She might enjoy being off the tour. Especially if she thinks her best days are over.
Safina was #1, in 3 slam finals, won a Silver medal in singles in Beijing. I never hear her name anymore.
Jankovic and Ivanovic are playing, but they are symbols of frustration, of what could have been, but something went wrong. Thats where Caro is now. Whether she retires or plays, if her days near the top are over, she's also going to be a symbol of young talent that was wasted, or wasnt developed properly.

So its up to her, but there's no way around it, a young superstar who falls into the pack (either stays on tour midpack or retires) is considered a 'what might have been'. But not considered a great success.

Thats one reason I thought changing her game was crazy. They were messing around with something rare, a young superstar. No reason to make changes that could lead to where she is now. And a wild forehand could definately lead to this. Forehand is always what her opponents attacked

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