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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Now you're nitpicking a little bit;obviously,discretion and tact would be employed.You don't need to spy on people to have knowledge that certain players refuse to get fitness coaches,and players would be given the benefit of the doubt if there weren't clear,damning evidence...which there certainly IS with players like Ivanovic and Lisicki.

As I said,I didn't see ANY accusations that Masha wasn't trying her best,but I'll humor you and let you play devil's advocate despite the poor example.Let's say that she had an abysmal serve like Caroline's...and a WTA staffer,an ex-player or coach,pulled her aside and politely expressed concern over her struggles,suggesting an experienced,respected service coach.What would Masha do?Say,"Fuck you!How DARE you speak to me about my on-court performance!I'll NEVER do any WTA promos again!" ?I seriously doubt that,as it would only reduce the player's exposure and marketability if she copped such a stubborn,reactive attitude and refused to work with her association.Respectfully recommending such a service coach to Caroline would NOT be crossing the line,IMO.If she went into unreasonable bitch mode in response(which I doubt that she would),then the WTA could basically wish her a nice life and replace her with those up-and-comers you mentioned.

Lastly,I didn't specify this earlier,but these situations wouldn't arise that frequently.Most top players ARE motivated and don't require a kick in the pants.If it were a player who had limited potential,oh well,no big deal........And you can't seriously mean that Marineblue and I are the only tennis fans who are fed up with all of the wasted talent in women's tennis...and the pathetic enabling by the WTA??I give you credit for being far more intelligent than that

.....And I screwed up the time on the invitation and really AM leaving now.I hope you realize that I appreciate your contributions to this forum,but I feel that you're way of base on this one.You make it seem as if it were Orwellian to make sure that star players were giving sincere,honest effort when,in reality,that's what sporting leagues do in MANY respects,as with drug testing,for example
Maria's serve was truly abysmal in those years. She could barely get her second serve in. What are you going to say her? Make less double faults, work more on your serve, here work with this service coach? That is pretty insulting to that player tbh. You would certainly rub someone the wrong way if you went around like that. It's not like Maria is reliant on the WTA for exposure is it, she has Nike or whoever for that.

If you want anyone to be having a word with Caroline so to speak, it should be Adidas or the like, someone who has a large vested interest in Caroline's performances and future (see Nike's 'pep talk' with Serena Williams several years ago). For me the WTA recommending players to get a serving coach would be way over the line, they are then analysing people's games, weaknesses and trying to help them to fix them. That in no way should be the WTA's job.

Every sport has 'wasted talent' talent so to speak, it's not like this is a WTA-only thing. I like to see players solving their own problems. Caro or her team should be fully aware of her own problems, it's up to her to then find people to help her solve them. If they are not aware of her problems, then she should be seeking a new team anyway.
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