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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
You're right that the match summaries are a minor issue,but they are a reflection of the overall piss-ant attitude that exists in the WTA.

Your second paragraph makes no sense,tbh,and contradicts what you've posted previously on a couple occasions.The WTA ALREADY shows bias in how they promote certain players--and pamper them in other ways--and focuses on the stars while giving scant attention to lesser players...which is very logical of them.To blindly ignore problems with such stars is just plain STUPID--and bad for business--and,unfortunately,status quo for the WTA.....Let me take that back;they don't just ignore the problems,they ENCOURAGE them with their assclown quasi-leadership.If an NFL star were caught using coke,the league would be cautious in how often they used him in promos until he had proven rehabilitation to a fair extent.The WTA has no such standards;even players who embarrass the sport are promoted as if they were laudable heroes.

There wouldn't be any fines or suspensions needed for indifferent underachievers;they'd simply be totally replaced in promos by players who DID give a damn and try their best.Establishing such a standard would change the whole subculture of the WTA for the better
This. I think that their pretending that everything is still OK keeps players under false impression that bad results don't matter. If they suddenly were excluded from promotion and their results would be reported accurately they would have to face it. But their enables rather care about short-term profits rather than ensuring they really have the stars that can impress people with consistent results.

I wonder how long they kept telling Ana everything was just fine
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