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Re: TENNIS TIPPING #20c|Saint-Gaudens -- Send for Wednesday!!


charmedRic vs. Felipe Abe
No pick from charmedRic

winnermax vs. Soliloque(4)
Panova, Pavlovic, vs Feuerstein, Solovyeva,
Panova 2-1, Pavlovic 2-0, Pfizenmaier 2-1, vs Feuerstein 2-0, Solovyeva 2-1, Pfizenmaier 2-0,

max94 vs. tildeloltilde(Alt)
Pavlovic 2-0, Hercog 2-1, vs Pavlovic 2-1, Hercog 2-0,

rnwerner vs. Andiyan
Pavlovic, vs Solovyeva,
Feuerstein 2-1, Pavlovic 2-1, vs Feuerstein 2-0, Solovyeva 2-0,

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___

flareon/longtin23(1) vs. Gu-niao/Hapsara
Feuerstein, Pavlovic, vs Panova, Solovyeva,
Feuerstein2-0, Feuerstein2-0, Pavlovic2-1, Pfizenmaier2-0, vs Feuerstein2-1, Panova2-1, Solovyeva2-0, Pfizenmaier2-*,

catgamer/goOudinUSA vs. DiRenan/Felipe Abe(4)
Feuerstein, Solovyeva, Friedsam, vs Panova, Pavlovic, Hercog,
Feuerstein2-0, Solovyeva2-0, Friedsam2-1, vs Panova2-1, Pavlovic2-1, Hercog2-1,

charmedRic/Soliloque(3) vs. Andiyan/iPatty
No pick from charmedRic

igralec33/Sander. vs. Kirilenko-Fan/mcb(2)
Pavlovic ,Pavlovic, vs Solovyeva ,Solovyeva,
Pavlovic2-0, Pavlovic2-0, vs Solovyeva2-1, Solovyeva2-1,

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