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Re: SELES POWER !!!!!!! INVENCIBLE - vol 3

hello gala

oh poor Gala, may be you better give a spare key to your brother so that if you lose the key again, he can help you

its difficult to ignore him with his constant scolds by person or by e mails. He is stingy about monies, unlike my boss, he is not happy with me having high salary but not that much of work. So he loves to pick up my mistakes even sometimes its not really my mistake but his secretary's (she mist-typed the name of the wines so I searched the wrong information for the wine)

I just visited another doctor to get another opinion. He thinks most probably I am having hormone imbalance. I really get a new fibroid now but he said as it is siuated near the wall of the uterus and not inside so this is not reason for my irregular period and does not need to be removed at the moment unless it grows very big. He also thinks i don't need an operation to check what is hidden inside as the uterus layer is not that thick. As I am so afraid of doing operation, so i try to eat his medicines and see if it helps first

thanks for your kind words for my mum, I wish your mum the best too. My cold-blooded brother did not even call my mum to wish her a happy mother's day. He has not given my mum any more allowance ever since my bad sister in law scolded my mum for taking HER monies in March. I guess she told my brother not to give my mum any more monies. Though she is bad, but my brother is also bad. He should not believe everything my sister in law said, he can see with his own eyes that my mum is such a kind person and has taken great care of his kids. I wish this heartless bastard and dirty woman to be sent to hell after they die

i gave my mum some cash and brought her a cake while my sister brought her some food. How about you?

see you and thanks again for your kind words

Rafa! Rafa! Rafa!

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