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Re: Mona Barthel - Volume 2

Originally Posted by jalusbrian View Post
hi joy division, in fact the word 'tank' was used here Mona's livescore thread!
Mona herself said she was exhausted after her Fed cup matches.Those matches were new to her and the environment would have drained her emotionally.
Pegula: Mona on her site says: 'The back problems that I had in Miami and Charleston, (which occurred for the first time in Doha,) have now been eliminated.'
as i recall back problems ended Serenas run at Aus open!
Where do mental problems originate? I read the conversation between Mona and her mother. Shen says her game had left her, thats the root of her anguish...not the other way round. Back issues would have affected her game
She won doubles with Sabine,,i saw the matches online...absolutely no mental issues, her game had returned, and no sign of back issues
'From my observation physical problems often come along with so called "mental" issues'
id say its the reverse...
'When you have been watching some of her matches in the last time you can clearly notice that she has also problems with her mindset.'
so far examining her website, i see that 'mental' issues correlate with physical issues.
Ive seen plenty of Monas sign she has 'mental' issues, per se, that is she doesnt suddenly go mental for no reason. If she had they occur every now and then.
Fitness these days is can be a different between winning and losing. Gone are the days of 'tennis anyone'?! Consider Nadal and his knees, Roger and his back.

as a Mona fan i support her all the way!

In concern of the match against Pegula and her back problems that she had at that time - Mona didn`t mention these issues at all in the talk with her mother.
Therefore I don`t know how much it actually affected her and I`m not sure whether it was the main and only reason for her sluggish performance.

Of course Mona has no mental issue or injury per se as you rightly say.
When you read the posts towards her performances in FedCup not just a few of us were wondering why she wasn`t inspired, but drained out emotionally by these event. There are hints that Mona does not easy with expections which come from the outside and which she has on her own, although she`s a very smart person.

I absolutely agree on what you said about the fitness.
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