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Re: Mona Barthel - Volume 2

Hi Jalusbrian ! It`s always nice when new fans of Mona show up here. Esspecially in times when you actually can not exactly be fond of the way she plays and things seemingly are not working well for her.

I think you came up with some pretty unique and astonishing stuff here.

Originally Posted by jalusbrian View Post
The loss there was due to strain from the 3 set matches she had played Fed Cup. She decided to do her bit for germany by playing Fed Cup, her reward for aiding germany is to be called 'lazy' 'tanking' etc
Had she NOT played Fed Cup she would have won her singles match.
The issue is health and fitnes...Mona has never 'tanked'.
I don`t remember that anyone here seriously called her lazy or that she is tanking matches. It alleges that she does play bad on purpose, which is not the case.
Your prediction about her FedCup appearence is quite a claim. Reasoning the results of a player with if, had or would is pretty much a difficult thing because it`s illusionary.
Out of my view her performances at that event were a glimmer of light that her form curve could turn up again after a time of bad matches since Indian Wells.
Being healthy and fit of course is a good precondition but imo it`s not what it`s all about in sports.

Originally Posted by jalusbrian View Post
Mona has no attitude or mental problem: she always gives her best;
When you have been watching some of her matches in the last time you can clearly notice that she has also problems with her mindset.
Listen to her talk with her mum in the break against Pegula. Mona is mentioning it on her own there.
And obviously for such reasons she seemed not to be able to show and give her best on the court - not just on that occasion when you look at the similar currency of some other matches.

From my observation physical problems often come along with so called "mental" issues, the same it`s the other way round, in good and bad overall effects. There is a close relation and imo they are a part of a superordinate process.

Originally Posted by jalusbrian View Post
it must be true or why skip Rome? or are people saying shes/or her mother are lying?
It`s quite unlikely but I wouldn`t rule that completely out.
But the intention of my post was not just exactly what you took out of it.

More likely is that Mona has some issues. Let`s hope that she is healthy and successful very soon again on the court.
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