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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by ozza View Post
When someone talks about qualifying for Istanbul they are almost always talking about finishing in the top 8, and not about maybe scraping in as an alternate. Of course is someone is injured before it even starts, this tends to get ignored. You don't really want to be relying on others injuries to qualify though.

I am not sure how the last line even fits your point. Stosur had no injury at all last year, and no matter what she thinks, Errani was quite clearly the superior player on the year in literally every measurement (results, head to head).
Your first paragraph is on point;I was simply pointing out that there were exceptions to the ideal scenario whereby a person who barely qualified should and would feel quite proud of that accomplishment.

Upon reflection,I can see where my thrust wasn't clear(that's one of the drawbacks of this medium of communication).My POINT was that Errani,overall,is not a FAR superior tennis player to Stosur,and that's true regardless of whether or not either qualifies for YEC.The YEC #8 spot is NOT a true line of demarcation between elite tennis players and the rest of the WTA.I'd rate Errani as being MUCH closer to Stosur,Bartoli and Caroline than she is to Vika,Maria and Serena.Sure,making the field is a nice reflection of one's performance in the previous reg. season and it has nice symbolic value,too--but it's NOT a tell-all in re someone's level as a player.

Just look at Errani,someone who's never even won a single Premier and hasn't even come CLOSE to winning one.In her three biggest career finals,she was beaten in straights by Mona Barthel,smoked by Sharapova--on Errani's BEST surface--and then finally won an isolated set when Petra went sleepwalking in the Dubai final's 2nd set(the 1st and 3rd sets were 6-2 and 6-1 for Petra).Then you've got Kerber,a 25-year-old who's won TWO titles in her career(only one a Premier)and made two other Premier finals.She's probably the only Top 10 player that Caroline could've beaten with her current form.

In sum,all of the truly elite players qualify for YEC...but not every player who qualifies for YEC is automatically elite status.At this stage of things,if Caroline snuck into YEC at #8 w/o winning a title or coming that close to doing so,that wouldn't change the general perception of her ONE BIT relative to her finishing at #9 and barely missing out(if there were no injuries)

EDIT:And the Serb forum will appreciate your TREMENDOUS kindness in re post #2552(lol)

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