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Originally Posted by ozza View Post
The sad thing about the school system here is the schools just want to maximise their results, languages tend to be one of the hardest subjects, thus you often get discouraged from doing languages, and encouraged to drop them early. I only had lessons for languages for 3 years of my entire school life, and that was like an hour a week or something .

There has to be a link between first language being German and speaking fluent English lol , I don't know how you guys all do it, I find it fascinating .
I think the popularity of the English language is based on many cultural things rather than being just another school subject. For instance in Finland all the foreign films and tv-series are subtitled, and we have accustomed to hear English and some other foreign language on the daily base. Only some animation films that are made mainly for little children are dubbed in Finnish. I originally interested in English when I tried to figure out English music lyrics that were sung by classic rock bands. Besides computer programmes are usually as easy to use in English or in Finnish, and English paperback books are usually cheaper than Finnish translations.

When you live a small country like Finland, you know that most of foreigners probably don't understand Finnish. Then English is a very useful lingua franca if I need to talk with a Swede, a Russian or a Chinese. Only Esthonian language is relatively close to Finnish, and there are also lots of Finnish immigrants in Sweden. I have studied some Swedish and German too but they much weaker languages to me.

German as a language is very logical to pronounce and e.g. the German u-umlaut is pronounce in the same way as the Finnish letter Y, and there is a letter as the last letter in Finnish alphabeth.Like in the names of F1 driver Kimi Rikknen or tennis player Julia Grges. But the German grammar is more complicated comparing to English, e.,g. because a division of nouns and pronouns as masculine (der), feminine (die) and neuter (das). Like die Bundeskanzlerin, der Wagen, das Auto, etc.
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