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Re: Laura hits the red dirt - Clay Season Cheering Thread

Originally Posted by Play_Suspended View Post
Wow Kotre ebing uncharacteristically positive! But it is a good point..if even a week ago you had said she would win back to back matches for the first time since Jan, beat the world #4 in straights and take a former RG champion to a TB third set on clay at a premier mandatory I think you would have been laughed at

So it has been a good week, her best since the Aus. Just hard to take cos she was sooo close to that precious seeding.

I know the serving was dire from both but I actually thought the rest of the tennis was a high standard! Some really good rallies...GM obviously disagrees with me tho

Other positives, much better movement by Laura!!! Got things back she hasn't been getting and on several occasions hit some good defensive shots that Ana then missed on. I thought her attitude was pretty good, just hope she isn't hit too hard by the nature of this loss.
Idiots. They're saying how amazing Ana played etc. When that match was SO in Laura's hands. (3rd set) She was on her way to that QF. Ana was so out of the picture. Until Laura's choke.

As I said, I'm so proud of her. So proud.

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