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Re: Madrid R2: Makarova def. Vika Angryarenka 1-6 6-2 6-3

Originally Posted by Sarindipity View Post
You have reached a low. instead of commenting on Azarenka;s antics today you have chosen to direct your angry towards a player who you dont like and chose to attack her personally. Most of your arguements do not make the slightest bit of sense. Has not accomplished enough to recieve the amount of popularity she has? Give the woman some damn credit she has worked her ass off to make it out of that hellhole Siberia and has done more for the Tour than Azarenka. Granted i am not an avid fan of her due to her unnecessary screaming but she does deserve respect. I get that your favorite lost, but it is simply pathetic to attack a player you dont like just because you can take the fact that she lost. And do not even attempt to reply with 'it's just a loss im over it' because if that were to be the case, you would not be incessantly flooding the thread with your feeble comments. Just because you think you are smart and witty does not mean you actually are.
First off, what I said about her male fans is based on personal observations. I saw the old geezers watching her practicing at Stuttgart and heard their disgusting comments about her.... this type of man is very much into her and I don't see how that's a bad thing I say about her? These guys would probably buy her bathwater if she was selling's creepy and disgusting.

Second, believe it or not, I don't hate her. I would like to ignore her but it is impossible because unfortunately, she does not only have the most fans on TF but also the most annoying ones. A few people on her fan base seem alright but most of the Sharapovastans are just so damn irritating.

Which gets us to the reasons why I post in this thread: I merely respond to her fans comments about Vika. Two pages ago there was a Sharapovafan claiming that Vika will kill the WTA. I'm the bad guy for not taking this shit silently? Really?

I would have no issue with Sharapova, what she does dosen't harm anyone. She's pretty fake and marketing-driven but that does not concern me. What concerns me are her fans and their constant crapping on Vika.
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