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Re: The Kichenok Sisters Cheering thread!

Originally Posted by chingching View Post
Is it time for separate threads?
Well Done by the way Nadiya
I always thought that if one of them was gonna really start to break through it would be Lyuda but I was wrong
I don't think so, the gap is not that significant yet, Lyuda can still find her form back and be ahead of Nadiya again

For some reason, I always more believed in Nadiya (notably bc in some reports by people who had seen them play, it was told that Lyuda hit flatter shots and Nadiya hit with more security, and flat hitting doesn't get through bad days) but couldn't really understand why she kept losing everytime at earlier stages than her sister. Looks like there's been some kind of trigger, which is great! Hope Lyuda follows her up, obvs.

Nadiya is playing 50K+H Johannesburg, she's Seed 4, beat Alexandra Riley 2 & 0 in R1 & Zuzana Zlochova in R2 (haven't checked the scoreline).

But weirdly, Lyuda is not playing. Not in MD, nor in qualies, but she wouldn't have had to play qualies anyways, the field is weak for a 50K. Hope she's ok, maybe she felt like it would be more benefical to practice this week than to compete.

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