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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by terjw View Post
Changing the subject: Back in the nineties - did anyone watch Gladiators (it was on ITV) and in particular the female gladiator Jet (Diane Youdale)? Was lately rewatching some footage of her in the Hang Tough even. She was amazing. I used to have a crush on her. But so did everyone else. God how I loved her. She would do her somersault at the beginning and then in series 4 with one leg in the air pretend it was a guitar and "played" it. Then on the rings - really difficult - she made it look so easy. She only lost once on the rings in 4 years and that was a big surprise (it was in series 4 and she caught the contender then as usual but slipped off and got "one-ringed"). Mind you she had previously been the North of England Junior Gymnastics Champion for four years. She was bubbly, really skillful and so fast and she was really nice to contenders and everyone. She got a massive amount of fan mail. Far more than any other gladiator.

When she had her awkward fall in series 4, trapping nerves in her neck, Diane decided it was time to move on as she no longer could put 100% into the show. I was never really interested in the program after that.

Wonder if DownInAHole ever saw her. Here's a link to "Twelve Golden TV Sex Moments" which contains one of the U-Tubes of her in Hang Tough I was recently re-watching.
Originally Posted by terjw View Post
Yeah. But to be fair it was the first time I'd gone into FHM from google. When I looked at a few of the others I thought - WTF - can't be bothered with this. You are right and I should have posted a link straight to a Hang Tough video. But I had it in my mind the link I gave would attract DIAH.
Should I be honoured or offended that you thought of me?

I never watched American Gladiators religiously but it was fairly popular and I certainly have seen more than a few episodes. Were there different versions for the U.S. and U.K.?

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