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Re: » Off Topic - Mona fans chat thread » Auf geht`s BVB ♥

So, what are you going to talk about? Anything and everything?

By the way, I know nothing about football so I can't even recognise the people in your avie and sig.

I'm aware of the all German Champions League final though, mostly due to this forum.

What anime/manga and books have you been reading/watching recently?

I've been enjoying quite a few manga, of course the usual suspects like Gintama, History's strongest disciple Kenichi. But I've been reading some less known ones, it's a lot of fun discovering them.

As far as tennis ones, I like Baby Steps.
It's fun, I like the main characters, it's based on real tennis ideas and isn't too fantasy-oriented like some other tennis manga.

Although over the top isn't necessarily bad, I finished reading Yakitate!! Japan recently and I really liked it. It's about people who can make bread so good it sends you to heaven (literally), or back in time. Quite a fun fantasy read.

I've been enjoying a lot of food manga of late, Shokugeki no Soma, Hell's Kitchen, Addicted to Curry, Nobunaga no Chef, things like that.

When I was a kid I used to read books voraciously but lately I tend not to.

Women's Netball season is underway here in NZ and Australia (ANZ championships), you won't have heard of that game probably but I find it very watchable, once you figure out that the game is all about interception since running with the ball is not allowed and neither is close contact with the ball-carrier. The women's basketball teams should take a cue from the netball and tennis ladies when it comes to outfits, it would make the game much more watchable imho.
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