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Re: Petra's All-star Sports Thread(para maricas que aman 'tenistos')

Leroy Butler,retired ex-Green Bay Packer,complained yesterday that he was "surprised" that a church,where he had planned to give a speech,distanced itself from him and cancelled his appearance after he publicly supported gay marriage and the lifestyle in general(haven't checked on whether or not Butler,himself,is living similarly).Well,DUHHHHH!!!It's a fundamentalist church,Leroy.

It might be different if Butler were visiting Unitarians,Methodists or some other highly liberal sect that either performed or openly endorsed such marriages.One could argue back and forth about the VALIDITY of those beliefs,but most fundamentalists don't mince words on what they believe in,so it's purrrr-ty stooo-pid to expect them to suddenly change centuries of tradition to accommodate your socio-political views.Heck,I'm sure that I could walk into a mosque in Yemen and eloquently tell folks--not in Arabic,of course,only Spanish or English--what a shortsighted idea it was to seek the worldwide annihilation of Jews...and to blow up schoolbuses filled with their kindergarteners.....You know what,though??Something tells me that they PROBABLY wouldn't listen too well or accept my constructive criticism

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