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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Originally Posted by Ms. Anthropic View Post
If Steffi Graf had been an IMG client, even if this all played out the same, we would be reading "Such a shame about Monica, but Graf is GOAT" articles instead.

I, too, remember an amount of criticism from the media directed at Monica until she finally returned. I also remember the hype surrounding her return and how well she was playing (even a few articles that suggested Steffi should retire before she gets embarrassed). And thanks to the wonders of digitized newspaper archives, I have access to millions of articles from international sources, ones that I never dreamed of having access to at the time, and so the changes to the narrative are perfectly traceable. It might make for an interesting research project; for instance, when did journalists stop pointing out that people did try to contact Monica and just present her assertions as fact, etc. I wonder how much IMG would pay me not to do it.
Wow, that should be interesting stuff, do it please! So, for the next anniversary , I will have some articles to show, just in case. You know, in the last couple of days I've been arguing with some Seles fans on an italian forum and all the informations they had where taken from Monica's book.
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