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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

And while we are at this game of whatifs, say for instance Chris Evert got stabbed. Martina lost to Evert only five times in her Grand Slam events. So Martina would have won 5 more, which would bring her total to 23. Is Martina's imaginary 23 Slam titles in an Evert-less era better than Graf's 22 in an almost Seles-less era? I don't think so.

Now imagine if Martina got stabbed. Evert I think lost to Martina 9 times in Grand Slam events, so she may have ended up with 27. She would then be the greatest of all time, right? But Martina didn't get stabbed, and she dominated Evert in Grand Slam events. So instead, Martina is regarded by most as better than Evert. But this doesn't take away the fact that Evert is still an all-time great.

So applying this thought process to Steffi and Monica. Monica was stabbed and Graf racked up all those wins. Assume in this instance that Monica is the Martina of her era and Graf was Evert. Graf's total would not have been 22 but most people would still regard her as an all-time great in the way Evert is viewed.

Sorry to rant about this but while I do believe we need to be reminded of Monica's greatness - and I will admit that she definitely could have become the greatest of all time - I wish most people could at least refrain from denigrating Steffi and her legacy.
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