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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Originally Posted by Stef-fan View Post
Martina couldn't resist proving you right...
Oh, my timing was deliberate. It's just a given that around about April 29/May 1, one of the IMG/WTA sorority sisters (Navratilova, Shriver, Evert, King) will pop up and say something. They are so predictable that it's even very possible to correctly guess whose turn it is.

Originally Posted by Stef-fan View Post
An article with tons of mistakes but Martina's comments about Steffi's feelings are 'icing on the cake'
It's difficult to tell how much of it is Navratilova's genuine personal judgment and how much of it is just repeating the standard party line without much reflection on how it sounds, especially in light of current events. (In fact, this article might have been drafted well before the attack at the Boston Marathon.)

It's like Courier's: "Can you imagine being in your office and someone opening the door, coming up behind you and sticking a knife in your [back]?"

Sadly, a lot of non-celebrity people can imagine it because it happens with regularity, with even escalating frequency and depravity in this day and social culture -- and that's in the United States, a "developed country." One minute you are going about your business, or sleeping in your bed, or watching a movie at the theater, or cheering your friends as they finish a marathon, and the next minute you are dead or being rushed to an operating room. It's just usually not "news" when it happens to one of us little people -- or if it is, you get your 15 minutes of peripheral fame in relation to the lunatic or monster who did it. If you survived, then maybe you get a feel-good follow-up story about how you are doing OK after your legs were blown off or your classmates were shot dead in front of you. If there were "enough" victims, maybe a politician makes a speech about how "something like this must never happen again." And then the world just shrugs and life goes on because there there is no use in worrying all your life about what can happen and nothing that can be done to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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