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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Originally Posted by Grafiati View Post
If Steffi tried to be a blatantly PR-savvy individual (I'm not stating she isn't PR-savvy, just that she is not flashy or fake about it) who stayed heavily involved in the tennis world in a very publicized way and who was more talkative with a greater number of people... if she was more open about her decisions to do this or not do that... if she engaged in playing GOAT games... I think Martina would be one of her friends and Martina would not judge Steffi so harshly. The reality is that Steffi is who she is: fairly private and content with her current role as a wife and mother. Martina does come off as bitter when she makes negative comments while the other person in question is silent or not part of the picture, but she has the right to open her mouth whenever she wants.

Just some thoughts.
summed their sometimes distanced personal relation up quite well.

But I can't imagine Steffi would ever propagate her accomplishments or would ever compare them with those of Martina.

Their mutual respect will always beware them from taking anything from their careers.

Berlin 1986 trophy ceremony remembered...

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