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Re: Petra's All-star Sports Thread(para maricas que aman 'tenistos')

Okay,some of you Czechs might not like North American ice hockey so much(even though there are quite a few top-quality Czech players in the NHL),but it's basically the same sport,isn't it?It's not like the gulf between Association Football(AF) and the indoor pinball variety.

Anyway,the playoffs start tonight and,even if you don't like the well-known roughhouse tactics of the NHL,the style of play has really opened up in recent years b/c the league has instructed officials to regulate the fouling tactics more...which has led to more scoring thanks to an increase in power plays PLUS the reticence to use cheap tactics which would bring about said power play.This has created a more wide-open,European-style rhythm than existed in years past.The NHL was almost forced to increase scoring after labor disputes/lockouts threatened to push away fans in droves,and I think that FIFA could learn a lesson here:

A sport that has existed for a while,with a large fanbase,wasn't afraid to change a few rules....and the sport greatly benefitted.Personally,I'd love to see enforcers used in AF,and a poster in Caro's forum told me that the Brasilian squad,Estudiantes,did exactly that--with success--in the 1960s.However,he also said that Estudiantes bullied officials and physically beat up skilled players on other teams,and that's sort of against the spirit of fair play.I'd be content to use enforcers as they primarily function in hockey;that is,to protect your better players from cheap fouling tactics and unsportsmanlike harassment

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